June 14, 2007


Een kleine kans (A small chance) has been awarded a Silver Slate Pencil (Zilveren Griffel). The Slate Pencils were instituted by the CPNB (Dutch Language Book Promotion Committee). This year a total number of nine Slate Pencils have been awarded, seven of which went to books originally written in Dutch. These seven books, including A Small Chance, make up the shortlist for the Golden Slate Pencil (Gouden Griffel). The winner is announced on October 2, being the start of Children’s Book Week.



June 13, 2007

On June 3 I received the Zaanse Cultuurprijs, which is a yearly prize for cultural achievements awarded by the city of Zaanstad. The prize goes to a number of cultural categories by a system of rotation. This year it was literature’s turn.