November 24, 2008

luchs-logo-120x120Tote Maus für Papas Leben has won a ‘Luchs’. The Luchs is a monthly prize awarded by Zeit magazine and Radio Bremen to a children’s book published in Germany. In December all winners are nominated for the Luchs des Jahres (Luchs of the Year). Further information here.



November 23, 2008

moedernummer-nulA new book has been published: Mother Number Zero

Fezjo is an adopted child who knows nothing about his own mother – mother number zero, as he calls her. He isn’t all that interested in her. Until he meets a girl that is. She is curious to know everything. Why did Fezjo’s mother part with him? Does he have his flair for drawing from her? Does his real mother happen to be a famous artist?
That’s all very well, but Fezjo has his doubts. His mother might be a terrible woman, for all he knows. A baglady, or a stranger on the train. There’s only one way to make sure: Fezjo sets out in search of the answers to all those questions.


November 13, 2008

For a discussion of A Small Chance on German radio (SWR2) tune in to Wörterwerkstatt next Saturday 15 November, 4.05 p.m.
Tote Maus für Papas Leben, as the German translation is called, fits the theme of the broadcast, Schwere Zeiten (hard times).

Another German radio program: here
Juliane Spatz is leading the conversation.