April 28, 2009


Moeder nummer nul (Mother Number Zero) has been selected for inclusion in Children’s books from Holland – spring 2009, published by The Foundation for the Production and Translation of Dutch Literature. The brochure is also available online. Click here and  here.



April 27, 2009


Moeder nummer nul (Mother number Zero) had been selected for De Jonge Jury (The Young Jury). Dutch secondary school students up to the age of fifteen may choose any children’s book first published in 2008. The five most popular titles are nominated for the Young Jury Prize. The winning author is offered the prize with some ceremony on Young Jury Day. Although in principle all books published in 2008 qualify, the jury offers a list of fifteen suggestions, including Moeder nummer nul.
The book is read both in the upper forms of primary schools and by secondary school students – much to my delight. Books don’t fit in clear-cut age categories.


April 7, 2009

ein liten sjanse

The Norwegian translation of Een kleine kans (A small chance) has been published.
Ein liten sjanse – Oslo: Det Norske Samlaget, 2009. Transl: Lars S. Vikør