September 19, 2009


Tote Maus für Papas Leben is now also available as an audio-book.
Tote Maus für Papas Leben – Narrated by Juliane Köhler – Der Audio Verlag, 2009



September 18, 2009


When Nobody Is Looking is a volume in Querido’s Slash-series, in which authors retell the true life-stories of young people who for one reason or another are rather special. Author and youngster join forces, as narrator and skilful writer respectively.
I worked with Iris Kuijpers, who trained to be a ballet dancer. Together we wrote a story about Julia.

Julia starts taking ballet classes at a very early age and right from the start it’s obvious she’s got talent. She is even allowed to audition for the Ballet Academy and they accept her as a student. That’s only a first step, however. The ballet world is merciless and many pupils drop out, in spite of their talent. Julia will have to practice really hard if she is ever to make a living as a dancer.
Julia’s teachers keep telling her she really must try harder. Galina’s lessons are particularly demanding. Galina always seems to be finding fault with Julia and she blames her for her supposed lack of passion. Julia is in doubt. Why does she dance actually? For whom? Is she still a dancer when nobody is looking? It all boils down to one question, which she cannot evade: shall I quit or persevere?


September 17, 2009


The first edition of Mutter Nummer Null (the German translation of Moeder nummer nul / Mother Number Zero) has been published. On October 17 the book will be officially presented at the Theaterhaus in Frankfurt.
Mutter Nummer Null – Berlin: Bloomsbury, 2009. Transl: Meike Blatnik